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Approve or deny employee availability requests

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TimeForge managers and supervisors can easily approve or deny availability requests in bulk. All TimeForge users have the ability to request time off, or change their availability. These types of requests (which can affect the hours worked, PTO, or the schedule) must first be approved or denied, by a manager or supervisor at your location.

This guide will show you how to view the presence of pending requests on the TimeForge "Today" page, and then how to approve or deny those requests.

Dashboard Overview

On the TimeForge Today page, managers can view their labor dashboard - a screen that details the upcoming week and many key items to track. This includes shift swaps, open shifts, staff requests for time off, and messages, as well as scheduled labor, and employees that are currently on the clock.

After an employee submits a request, you will see several messages appear on this page, including the blue Approve or Deny Pending Requests link. You will also see Pending Requests appear on the days for which these requests actually occur.

To approve or deny the requests, click on the appropriate link.

All pending requests

Requests for a specific date

Approve or deny the requests

After clicking the appropriate link to view pending requests, you will be taken to a "Process Requests" page where you will see color-coded requests. Here, you can approve or deny each request.

You can view the type of request and any notes about it. If other employees have had time off for the same time period approved previously, TimeForge will show these staff members and their requests.  Choose "Approve" or "Deny" as you see fit.

Additionally, you will find that TimeForge has predicted your necessary staffing levels, and will let you know if you are facing a staffing shortage before you approve the time off requests.

What happens if the employee requesting time off is already scheduled to work during that time?

If employees request time off after they have already been scheduled, TimeForge will provide you with several options:

  1. You can Deny the request, which will notify the staff member that they cannot have the time off.
  2. You can find a replacement, which will approve the request, and take you to the schedule to find a new employee for the shift.
  3. You can operate short staffed, which will remove the shift from the schedule.
  4. You can turn the shift into a bid shift, allowing staff members to bid to work the shift.
  5. You can mark the shift as an open shift, leaving it open to be staffed by management at a later date.

Click Continue when done

Enter a comment (optional), then click Continue to finalize your decision to approve or deny the request.

Once you click the continue button, TimeForge will automatically send a message to the staff member, letting them know of your decision.

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