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Require passwords in TimeClock Mode

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Using TimeForge Attendance will make time & attendance tracking easy for your business. With TimeForge Attendance, employees clock-in or clock-out for work very similar to what is done with a traditional time clock. However, unique with TimeForge Attendance, reports can be automated, employees can see what's going on, and payroll is one click away.

In addition to clocking in and out, TimeForge Attendance has the virtual timeclock, called "Time Clock Mode."

With Time Clock Mode, employees can point and click on their name, allowing them to quickly clock in and out of the TimeForge system.

Also in TimeClock Mode, passwords can be required to ensure that staff members are not buddy punching - clocking each other in without actually being at work. Setting up password requirement is simple! Here's how.

Navigate to the "Attendance Options" page.
  • Log in
  • Hover over the "Attendance" tab
  • Click on "Attendance Options"

Scroll down to the passwords option.

The option to require a password when using the virtual timeclock is near the bottom of the page.

Configure passwords for TimeClock mode.

Configure passwords for TimeClock mode.

Change the password option for TimeClock Mode to "Yes."

Don't forge to click "Save Company Settings" when you're finished.

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