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Set blackout dates to prevent employee time-off requests for those days

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Blackout dates can be useful if you have days that you don’t want to allow employees to request time off, like holidays or high-volume business days. You can also use blackout dates to allow a limited number of requests. Here is how to set up blackout dates with TimeForge.

Open the Employees tab and select Availability & Requests

Click the "Do Not Allow Requests" link for the blackout day(s)

This is the Availability and Requests page. From here, you’ll be able to black out certain time frames or dates so that employees are not allowed to request time off during those dates.

To black out an entire day, click the gray “Do Not Allow Requests” link for that day.

Click "OK" to confirm your changes

A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm the request. Ensure that the correct date was selected, then click "OK."

Choose to allow some or no requests

Another box will pop up, asking whether you want to allow any requests at all or if you’d only like to allow a limited number of requests for that day. If you choose No Requests, then your employees will not be able to submit a request at all.

If you choose the second option, only the number of requests you enter in the box will be allowed for that day.

When you're finished, click Continue to finalize the black out date setup.

The date will be grayed out in the calendar in a darker shade of gray, indicating that it is a blackout date. Additionally, the link will read "Allow Requests" instead of "Do Not Allow Requests":

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