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Add an HR document directly to an employee's profile

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TimeForge makes it easy to onboard your employees! From the employee profile, you can add forms and important documents for them to review, sign, and submit. When the employee logs in, they'll be notified of the tasks they need to complete or forms they need to fill out as part of their onboarding process, such as reading the company handbook and signing an acknowledgment form.

Although this tutorial is focused on onboarding, the steps below can also be used to add prehire documents, ongoing training documents, offboarding forms, annual notices, and certifications to an individual employee's profile.

To learn how to add multiple documents at once from a template, check out our tutorial on HR Activities!

Before following this guide, you may first want to read our brief introduction to applicant tracking and onboarding in TimeForge. You should also create an HR Document for the document(s) you want to add, if you haven't done so already.

To begin, go to the profile of the employee you would like to onboard. You can do this from either the Corporate level or the Location level.

Select the Documents tab

Locate the type of document you want to add

In addition to onboarding documents, you can also add prehire documents, ongoing training documents, offboarding forms, and certifications directly to the employee's profile.

For this tutorial, we're interested in the Onboarding category.

If you don't see the Onboarding section, follow these instructions to create a new Document Type. Sections will only appear on the employee profile if you have a corresponding Document Type, e.g. Onboarding, Prehire, Training.

If you use TimeForge to hire an employee, their prehire documents in TimeForge are moved automatically into their employee profile upon hiring. However, the steps below can also be used to add prehire documents for employees hired outside of TimeForge or prior to using TimeForge.

Select the document you want to add

Use the dropdown menu to select an Document Type associated with the Onboarding category.

Enter a Submission Date

The submission date can be one of two things: the date the employee submitted the form (if you are uploading a document already completed on paper, for example, and you want to add the record to their profile) or the date you provided the form to the employee (if you intend to use the system to provide the employee with a blank form to sign, for example).

(Optional) Enter a note about the form or document

The note will be  viewable by other managers but not by the employee.

Save your changes and add any necessary attachments

Click the floppy disk icon at the end of the row to save your entry.

If the Document Type uses an Orbeon form, an Orbeon icon will appear on the line, allowing you to complete all or part of the form prior to sending it to the employee. Orbeon forms must be set up by Timeforge in advance. If interested, contact our Support team to learn more!

Otherwise, you can click the file attachment icon to upload a file, such as a PDF document.

The document will be immediately available to the employee.

How does the employee access and fill out the form?

We have a handy guide to help employees through this process, but here's the essentials:

If the onboarding document is an Orbeon form, the employee can simply click the link in their profile and fill out the form online.

If it's a PDF form, the employee will download the form from their profile, open it up, fill it out, and save. Then, they need to remove the original form from their profile and upload their completed version. Alternatively, you can instruct your employees to email you the completed documents, or to print them out and turn them in by hand. The choice is yours!

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