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Create Applicant Tracking Steps (ATS)

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TimeForge comes fully equipped with a customizable applicant tracking system, called Applicant Tracking Steps (ATS), that allows you to track your job applicants from resume to hire.

Applicant Tracking Steps are just that: steps, inside TimeForge, that enable you to easily track your job applicants throughout the entire review and hiring process. These steps can also be used to outline the process itself, ensuring that applicants applying for the same position all go through the same process and complete the same steps.

This guide will show you how to create your own applicant tracking steps in TimeForge.

Applicant Tracking Steps are tied to positions in TimeForge. Each position can have its own steps.

For example, you might want to request a writing sample from your Marketing Coordinator applicants or your Technical Writer applicants but not from your Field Technician applicants.

Applicant Tracking Steps can either be company-wide or customized for each location -- but not both. If your steps differ among locations, you will no longer be able to control them from the Corporate level, so be sure to choose what's best for your business before you start!

For this example, we'll create steps at the Corporate level. Open the Set Up tab, then select Positions from the sub-menu.

Select a position from your list

Open the Applicant Tracking Steps tab

With a position selected, open up the Applicant Tracking Steps tab.

Create your first step!

And now, the fun part! Here, you define your applicant tracking steps, starting with Step 1. Typically, your first step might be something like Receive Resume, Acceptable Resume Received, or Resume Accepted.

Continue adding steps

When you enter a step, a new line will automatically appear, allowing you to add another. Keep adding steps -- as many as you need for this position!

Be sure to enter your steps in the order in which they should be completed. Currently, steps cannot be reordered without deleting/re-adding them.

Click Save to save your changes

Hit the Save button at the bottom of the list to save your steps.

You're now ready to use your steps!

With applicant tracking steps in place, you're now ready to track your applicants in TimeForge.

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