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Create an employee schedule report

Updated Aug 26, 2020

TimeForge is the most flexible and powerful labor management system available. With it, you have the ability to quickly and easily create, view, and print employee schedules.

In addition to the various reports that can be printed, you can also quickly view and print your weekly schedule with one click on the "Schedules" page.  

Printing reports of your employee schedule is easy, and here is how it's done.

Go to the "Reports" page in the Schedules tab.

Go to the "Reports" page in the Schedules tab.
  • Log in
  • Clock on the "Schedules" tab
  • Click "Reports"

Choose the schedule report that best fits your needs.

Note: Many TimeForge users like the "condensed 7-day schedule" because it looks similar to an Excel Spreadsheet.

Configure your schedule report.

1. Select the schedule(s) you would like to run as a report

2. Choose to view the report as either a PDF file or Excel document. (Note: If you choose Excel, Timeforge will export the report to an Excel file, and you can print it from Excel.)

3. Determine how the cell data will be displayed. Choose either the number of shifts, duration of shift, cost of shift, or the actual time of shift.

4. Determine what will be displayed in the "total" cell of your report. Choose either number of shifts, duration of shift, or cost of shift.

5. Click "Run" report when finished.  

View and print your schedule report.

After you run the report, your schedule will appear as an image. The options highlighted in red will appear when you mouse over the report.

To print, click the furthest icon on the right.

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