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Adjust holiday pay for an employee

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This article will teach you how to manually adjust an employee's pay through the Manage Attendance screen. This is especially useful, for example, if you need to adjust an employee's pay rate based on their eligibility for holiday pay.

Once an employee's pay has been manually overridden, future adjustments to that shift will not be reflected in their pay calculations. Therefore, it is very important that you adjust the start/end times of their shift PRIOR to manually overriding their pay.

Open your Manage Attendance page

Open the Attendance tab and select Manage Attendance.

Click the shift you wish to edit

In this example, we will manually edit an employee's holiday pay for the 4th of July.

Click Manual Override

Click the Manual Override button in the Pay Rules row. This will allow you to manually adjust the duration and cost values for various types of pay, such as Regular, OT, and Holiday.

Manually adjust the employee's pay

In this example, we've adjusted the pay to reflect 4 Holiday pay hours for a total cost of $80.00 for the shift.

If you need to remove Holiday pay, you can do this easily by entering zero in the duration and cost boxes.

Click Save to save your changes

Once you're finished making any adjustments, don't forget to click the Save button in the upper right to save your changes.

Once the override is saved and in effect, future adjustments to the attendance for that shift will not be reflected in the employee's pay calculations. For this reason, you'll want to make sure you've made any other adjustments (e.g. changing the start and end times) prior to the manual override.

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