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TimeForge Scheduling can do so much more than just quickly create an employee schedule. One awesome feature of Scheduling is the ability to schedule an event, which can be utilized in a variety of manners. For example, events may be scheduled if a large party orders catering services form a restaurant. Perhaps, there is a company social that you would like to put on the schedule. In some cases, companies that go to their customers instead of having their customers come to them may use the Events feature to track where their employees are going. Events work much like regular schedules and shifts, and a comprehensive list of scheduled events can easily be viewed.

The process to schedule an event is painless, so let's get started.

Open the Schedules tab and select Events from the menu.

View, Edit, or Add an event

After navigating to the Events page, you will be looking at a comprehensive list of your scheduled events. Now, you can either:

  1. Edit an existing event
  2. Add a new event

Input the event information

To schedule an event, the only field required to be filled out is the start date (5). All other fields are optional.

  1. Choose a name to appear on the schedule for the event.
  2. Check the box titled Active if the event is upcoming. Non-active events have already taken place.
  3. Schedules are made by department, so choose the departments for which you would like the event to be scheduled.
  4. Enter a description of the event being scheduled.
  5. Enter a mandatory start date so the event can be scheduled. If desired, enter an end date as well.
  6. If desired, either Enter a start and end time for the event to be scheduled, OR
  7. Enter the duration of the event being scheduled. This should be a whole number (e.g. if the event is 5 hours long, just put "5").
  8. Enter the size of the event (i.e. the number of people attending).
  9. Provide an external link for an event associated with a website.

Select required certifications

A list of certifications that have been set up in your account will appear on the Event Information page. Check the boxes next to the certifications required for any positions that might work at the event.

Click Save when you're done.

Optional event sales

You can only set sales by clicking Edit after creating your event.

If you're using TimeForge Sales and you already have your sales categories set, you can add them to your event and track how you're doing. This feature will help you make sure your labor cost for each event is at a minimum.

Click Save when you're finished adding event sales.

Add events to the shift

After you've created events, a new column called Event will appear while you're building a schedule. To let your employees know which event they're working, choose the name of the event from the dropdown list that now appears for the shift.

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