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Edit an employee's attendance

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TimeForge is a complete labor management system, with both attendance tracking and employee scheduling capabilities.

Using TimeForge, employees are able to clock in and out, record tips, take breaks, enter mileage, and do many other operations to streamline labor management. And although most employees are great at remembering to clock in and out, occasionally someone forgets, and you'll need to modify or add to their time card.

Go to the Edit Attendance by Employee page under the Attendance tab

Open the Attendance tab and select Edit Attendance By Employee from the menu.

Go to the "Edit Attendance by Employee" page.

Select the employee and date.

  1. Select the employee to edit.
  2. Select the attendance dates you would like to change.
Select the employee and date.

Review and change the employee's attendance.

TimeForge will display all of the employee's attendance during the selected time range.

Simply click on the attendance entry you would like to change and select the correct time.

Details displayed will include the position or job code worked, the date the shift started, clock in and out times, notes, tips, and mileage.

Review and change the employee's attendance.

Click Save when finished!

Add an attendance entry.

If an entire time punch is missing, you can quickly add one from the same page. All you need to do is:

  1. Select the position the employee works.
  2. Pick the date that you'd like to edit.
  3. Input the correct time that the employee worked.

Once again, remember to click Save to save your changes!

Add an attendance entry.
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