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Divide the workday into Work Periods

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TimeForge gives you total control over every aspect of the employee scheduling process. Work Periods allow you to split the day into different sections of time, such as Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, or Open, Mid, and Close. This is especially useful when you know your times of peak business. For instance, a restaurant may set up "Lunch" and "Dinner" work periosd so that they can make sure those hours are always fully covered.

Here are instructions for adding any work periods that might be relevant to your business operations.

Go to the Work Periods page under the Schedules tab

Open the Schedules tab and select Work Periods.

Edit work period information

This page will allow you to split the day into different Work Periods. TimeForge will use the work periods to allow easy visualization of the schedule and availability.

Edit the work period information, then click Save at the bottom of the screen when you're done.

Now when you create a schedule for this department, you'll see the work periods you defined:

And when you visit your Availability and Requests page, you'll see the workday divided into the periods you defined:

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