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Approve your payroll

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TimeForge is an extensive and powerful time and attendance management system.  Many, but not all, of the time and attendance capabilities occur within the Attendance tab.

With TimeForge, you can add or edit attendance by date or employee, approve payroll for pay periods, export time punches to a third-party payroll company, and run numerous reports to review employee attendance.

There are several ways to manage payroll inside of TimeForge, and many users simply run one of the many payroll reports at the end of their pay period.

You can also manage the Approval process by approving time cards for a pay period, reviewing any sick, vacation, or PTO time, and then exporting payroll to one of our supported payroll providers. To use this feature, you must first have set up payroll periods for your location.

Navigate to the Approve / Export Payroll page in the Attendance tab.

Navigate to the Attendance Tab

Choose a Payroll Period

Choose a payroll period to export.  This will normally be the most recent payroll period that has ended.

Choose a Payroll Period

To use TimeForge payroll approval, you must configure the payroll period for your location.

Review and Approve Attendance

If you have not yet processed the selected pay period, TimeForge will display a list of time card entries for the pay period.

You can review staff member time cards by date, time, employee, position, or cost.

Additionally, TimeForge will display outliers, or "Most Different" time entries, so that you can quickly and easily identify time punches that may be erroneous or problematic.

Focusing on time entries labeled "Very Different" will allow you to find missed punches, late and early clock-ins, employees who forgot to clock out, and other strange data before you have approved the payroll.  After the payroll is approved, you will not be able to edit the time punches inside of TimeForge.  Instead, you'll need to make the changes in your payroll program.

When you are ready to Approve payroll, click on the "Approve Attendance Export" at the bottom of the screen.

Review and Approve Attendance

You will not be able to approve payroll if employees are currently clocked in for the time period.

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