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View clocked-in employees

Updated Aug 26, 2020

TimeForge is an extensive and powerful employee time card entry and attendance tracking management package, and you can begin to see some of TimeForge's functionality by clicking on the Attendance tab.  Many, but not all, of the employee attendance capabilities occur within the Attendance tab.

With TimeForge, you can add or edit employee attendance by date or employee, approve payroll for pay periods, export time punches to a third-party payroll company, and run numerous reports to review employee attendance. Additionally, TimeForge can monitor labor costs in real time.

Go to the "Clocked-In Employees" page.

Go to the "Clocked-In Employees" page.
  • Log in
  • Hover over the "Attendance" tab
  • Click on "Clocked-In Employees"

Review clocked-in employees.

TimeForge will display the clocked-in staff members.

For each employee, you can review their name, position, and when they clocked in.  You can also see a computed cost for the staff member, if they were to be clocked out.

Clocking-out an employee.

In many cases, you will also see a "Clock Out" link, which will allow you to clock out the staff member.

Note: If this link is not displayed, you are most likely running TimeForge integrated with another system, such as a Point of Sale system.  Some systems do not support clocking users out from the TimeForge website.

After clicking on "Clock Out," you can modify the clock out time.

Review employee position summary.

TimeForge can display position summaries, including the number of staff members clocked in for each position.

To display this information, click on the Hide (or Show) Position Summary link.

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