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Create and assign shifts using the ShiftBuilder

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There are many ways that you can build an employee schedule in TimeForge. Whether you want to build shifts yourself, use templates to expedite the scheduling process, have the AutoSchdeduler automatically assign shifts for you, or have the ShiftBuilder automatically create employee shifts, TimeForge will save you time and headaches when creating a work schedule.

One unique feature to the already powerful ShiftBuilder is the ability to generate shifts based on manager projections. Doing this is easy and will better control your labor costs by essentially putting your work schedule on a budget.

The first thing you'll need to do is set up some Manager Projections. Then, follow these steps to use the ShiftBuilder to generate shifts based on those projections.  

After you input some manager projections, make your way over to the Schedules page under the Schedules tab.

Create a new schedule

Click the +Add Schedule button at the top of the Schedules page.

Enter the schedule information

The boxes with asterisks next to them are mandatory fields.

  1. Select the dates your schedule will start and end.
  2. Choose a title for your schedule (TimeForge will give the schedule a default name based on the start and end days).
  3. Choose which department is associated with this schedule.

Fill out the remaining boxes as needed. Click the Add This Schedule button when done.

Do not use templates

Since you will be using the ShiftBuilder, click the Do Not Use Templates for this Schedule link.

Open the ShiftBuilder

Click the ShiftBuilder link on the top left of the page.

Enter shift information

The Shift Builder pop-up will appear. Decide whether you would like to build your shift in 15 minute, 30 minute, or 1 hour increments.

Apply manager projections to the ShiftBuilder

Next, choose a Sales Category and set the type to Manager Projections. The "Total" will be filled in automatically.

Click Generate.

Watch as your shifts are built

Coverage will be automatically decided based on Manager Projections. Of course, you can edit the numbers as needed.

Click Continue when done.

Your shifts are now built!

You can now assign an employee to each shift or let the AutoScheduler find the best fit.

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