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Enforce the Labor to Sales Ratio

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The TimeForge sales module is a powerful management tool with the ability to enforce your labor to sales ratio when you create an employee schedule. You are able to choose any sales category that you've previously set up to be enforced on the schedule. Furthermore, you can create as many sales categories as your business needs, and use TimeForge to make accurate sales forecasts so that you always know how much labor you have to work with.

Your labor to sales ratio provides you with a benchmark for how much profit your business is making. TimeForge can track your labor to sales ratio for convenient analysis. According to your settings and preferences, TimeForge can also TimeForge can alert you when your schedule costs exceed your schedule threshold (when a schedule is costing you more than you predicted).

Here's how you can enforce the labor to sales ratio on your employee schedule.

Go to the Sales Options page under the Sales tab

From the Location level, open the Sales tab and select Sales Options.

Configure the Sales Options

On the Sales Options page, look for the question that says “Do you want to enforce the Sales Category ratios on the schedule?”

  1. Click on the drop down menu, and select either "Weekly" for the ratio to be based on your weekly sales, or "Daily" to use the daily percentages of your weekly sales.
  2. Click Save when done.

Create a Schedule

To enforce the ratio, you'll need a schedule. Create a new schedule by opening the Schedules tab, selecting Schedules, and clicking the + Add Schedule button in the upper right.

Configure your settings.

Create your schedule as you normally would, and choose an appropriate sales category to enforce on the schedule. You can choose up to 5 different sales categories.

Here's an example with one Sales Category added already:

From here, you'll continue making your schedule as you normally would. If your schedule exceeds your sales category ratio, you will receive a warning (shown below). Additionally, the AutoScheduler won't be able to schedule a shift that would conflict with the sales category ratio.

The schedule warning box

If you attempt to make a schedule that would be understaffed, or overstaffed, based on your system forecasts, a warning similar to the one above will appear. Click "OK" to continue scheduling anyway, or click "Cancel" to try something else.

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