Limit clock-ins and clock-outs to a specific IP address

Updated Aug 26, 2020

TimeForge has the ability to limit clocking in and clocking out to a specific Internet Protocol (IP) address. One common concern with web based software and attendance tracking is ensuring that staff members are actually at work before they are allowed to clock in. TimeForge can require staff members to be physically be at the location that connects to a specific IP address before allowing staff members to clock in or out.  

IP addresses are unique identifiers for computers on the internet and are normally provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In some cases, your ISP will provide a dynamic IP address, which changes every few weeks. Most ISPs will allow you to get a static, or sticky-static IP address for a nominal monthly fee. In many cases, multiple computers in a single office will share a single IP address through the use of a router or firewall device (such as those provided by Cisco, Linksys, D-Link, or Netgear).  Similar to a phone number, only one physical location at a time can have an IP address.

Note: TimeForge can require that employees must clock in and clock out using a fingerprint scanner, which will restrict clocking in and out to a single physical computer at your location, regardless of the IP address.

Open the Attendance tab, then select Attendance Options from the sub-menu.

Navigate to the "Attendance Options" page.

Add your IP address to the list of allowed IP addresses.

To add an IP address, or several, to the list of IP addresses allowed for clocking in and out, locate the option below on the Attendance Options page.

Add your IP address to the list of allowed IP addresses.

Then, either:

1. Type the IP address(es) into the text box, separating multiple addresses by a space, comma, or by putting them on separate lines.


2. Click the button to Add this computer to allowed IPs, and TimeForge will add your current IP address to the list of allowed IP addresses.

Save the changes

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button to Save Company Settings.

Save the changes.

Employees will now be unable to clock in from restricted computers

Employees that try to clock in to TimeForge from an IP address other than those you have allowed will receive a warning similar to the one pictured below.

These staff members will not be able to clock in or clock out.

Employees will now be unable to clock in from restricted computers.

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