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Prevent employees from riding the clock

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TimeForge is an extensive and powerful attendance tracking, employee scheduling, and labor management package, and you can begin to see some of TimeForge's power by clicking on the Attendance tab.  Many, but not all, of the time card punches and employee attendance capabilities occur within the Attendance tab.

With TimeForge, you can add or edit attendance by date or employee, approve payroll for pay periods, export time punches to a third-party payroll company, and run numerous reports to review employee attendance.

TimeForge has a number of additional time card capabilities, including the ability to enforce your schedule and stop employees from riding the clock.

At the location level, open the Attendance tab and select Attendance Options from the menu.

Scroll down to the section titled "Clocking in and out"

TimeForge includes a number of settings on the Attendance Options page. These options include the ability to restrict how staff members clock-in and clock-out based on the schedule.

By default, staff members can clock in and out at any time. However, by toggling these options to No, you can make sure that employees clock in or clock out within a certain time limit ("grace period"). An attempt to clock in or out outside of the grace periods will require a manager override.

In the example below, we set a grace period of 10 minutes for both clock-ins and clock-outs to prevent employees from riding the clock.

If a staff member is scheduled to begin work at 10:00am, a 10 minute grace period will allow the employee to clock in at 9:50am but not at 9:45am. If a staff member is scheduled to end work at 3:00pm, a 10 minute grace period will allow the employee to clock out at 3:10pm but not at 3:15pm.

Don't forget to save any changes you make to these settings!

Employee clock-ins and clock-outs are now enforced

With schedule enforcement enabled, and grace periods set up, employees who are too early to clock in, or too late to clock out, are presented with the manager override screen.

So that the staff member can't ride the clock, a manager will need to enter their username and password, or use their fingerprint, if you are using the TimeForge Fingerprint scanner.

Employee clock in and clock out is enforced.
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