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Show COVID-19 questionnaire during clock-ins

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To help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, TimeForge can prompt a health questionnaire during clock-in. The questionnaire presents the employee with a few quick questions similar to those used in the CDC Facilities COVID-19 Screening.

If the employee answers No to all of the screening questions, they will be clocked in normally. If the employee answers Yes to any of the questions, they will be prevented from clocking in, and instructions will be shown on screen to wait until a manager arrives. TimeForge will automatically send a message to the manager to let them know that the employee is waiting.

This feature currently works on our browser based clock-ins at this time. It works alongside our temperature check feature, which can be enabled per location.

Enable questionnaire

This feature is enabled at the corporate level. If you have an account with more than one location, you can find the Company Settings option at the Corporate level.

Open the Setup tab select Company Settings

Update the COVID-19 questionnaire setting to Yes.

Don't forget to select the Save button.

If you have hard time finding the setting, hit CTRL+F on your keyboard to open a find box, then enter 'COVID' .

Complete questionnaire during clock-in

Select the Clock-In button from found on the TimeClock widget.

This will cause the questionnaire to pop up on your screen. The questionnaire consists of 6 yes-no questions, starting with a symptom check:

If you answer NO to all 6 questions, a "Clocked In Successfully" message will appear on the top right corner of the screen.

The TimeClock widget will also show the time the user clocked in:

If you answer YES to any of the 6 questions, TimeForge will disable the timeclock and display the message below:


Checking disabled clock-ins

TimeForge sends out a message on TimeForge and an email to a manager if an employees answers Yes to any of the health screening questions.  

On the Today page, the Messages widget found on the Personal section will display any recent messages you've received. 

You can also pull up your recent messages by clicking on the envelope icon on the top right corner of the screen (see arrow in screenshot below).

To receive an email notification when an employee disables a timeclock, you'll just need to have an email assigned to your profile.

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