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Configure weekly iterative forecasting and notifications

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Weekly Iterative Forecasting allows managers to schedule 2 weeks in advance (or more), but be notified of the impact that more recent forecasting could have on the schedule, and empower the store managers to make adjustments if they choose to. This option allows managers to have information about forecast sales so that their schedules can be more in line with the most recent forecast, or they can choose to leave their schedule as-is, without adjusting.

How to enable

It's already enabled! On the schedule pages, a new row should now be visible for Schedule/Forecast Target at Posted. TimeForge essentially takes a snapshot of the schedule when it's published and preserves that data on that row in the schedule.

Configuration options

There are only two options to consider when using weekly iterative forecasting, and both are very easy to set:

  1. The "off by percentage for forecasts" option needs to be configured for each location. This setting tells TimeForge when to notify managers that the forecast has changed the recommended schedule.
  2. Managers need to opt into the notification about schedule forecast changes.

Both of these are explained below.

1. Off by Percentage for Forecasts

This option must be set at the Location level. Open the Set Up tab and select Settings. Look for the sections under Scheduling.

2. Opt into notifications for schedule forecast changes (optional)

To do this, open up your profile and select the Alerts tab. The option you want to enable is at the bottom of the list:

Don't forget to save your settings!

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