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Save or restore a schedule using snapshots

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TimeForge schedules are saved automatically when any field is modified, but sometimes it is useful to save the current schedule before making any modifications so that you may come back to the previous employee schedule if necessary.

Schedule Snapshots allow you to archive / save the current version of the schedule, along with some quick stats about the number of shifts, and the cost of the schedule. At any point in time, you can easily restore a previously saved schedule snapshot. Simply choose which snapshot you’d like to restore, and your employee work schedule will immediately roll back to the previously saved schedule snapshot.

Employee schedule snapshots are available on the weekly schedule of the schedule, and are very useful for:

  • Integrating newly hired staff members (identifying which shifts can be moved around to accommodate the new employees).
  • Rolling back to a previous version of the current work schedule.
  • Identifying shifts that can be removed or modified to reduce labor costs.
  • Viewing the effects of a drastic schedule change or shift swaps prior to actually “doing it”.
  • And other “What If?” scenarios with the employee work schedule and staff members.

Create a schedule snapshot

To view Schedule Snapshots, or create a new one, click on the name of the schedule for which you would like to see or create a schedule snapshot. This button is located at the top of the weekly view of the schedule.

Click on View / Take Snapshots

An Actions pop-up box will appear. Click View / Take Snapshots.

Click the Create a Snapshot button

TimeForge will show a brief explanation of Schedule Snapshots. If you have already taken some snapshots, this is also where they would appear, but since this is our first time creating one, we don't see any yet.

To continue, click the Create a SnapShot button.

Review work schedule snapshots

You can view previous Schedule Snapshots by bringing following the steps above to open up the Actions pop-up and View / Take Snapshots.

Listed with each snapshot is the date and time the snapshot was created, the number of shifts in the schedule, the total number of labor hours scheduled, and the estimated labor cost (schedule cost).

  1. To restore a schedule snapshot, simply click on the button next to the desired snapshot, and then click on "Restore a Snapshot." After a few seconds, your schedule will be restored to the selected snapshot.
  2. To create a new snapshot of the schedule you are working on, click Create a Snapshot. You can create as many schedule snapshots as you need.
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