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Create a sales-driven schedule

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TimeForge gives you the flexibility to create an employee schedule several different ways. Part of this flexibility is the ability to create a schedule while using sales forecasts and projections. Depending on the specific needs of your business, you can compare your schedule to any key performance indicator (KPI) that you have set up.

After Manager Projections have been input into the TimeForge "Sales Module," the Manager Projections can be displayed on the labor schedules, providing instant feedback on how each day of the schedule will compare to the manager projections. System Generated Forecasts can also be displayed on the employee schedule.

Creating a schedule and comparing it to projected sales is easy. This overview explains how to use the daily and weekly views in TimeForge to stay within your thresholds.

Daily view with sales forecasts

As the schedule is changed, the Manager Projections in the "Daily View" are updated automatically, displaying the ratio between the schedule and the Sales Category (e.g. SALES, Gross Sales, Net Sales) chosen for this schedule.

Here's an example for a Vitamins department, in which the schedule has already passed (otherwise we would not see Actuals):

Weekly view with sales forecasts

The Weekly View of the labor schedule will display critical statistics about the schedule, including the Variable Hours (hours scheduled for regular employees), Non-Variable Hours (hours scheduled for managers or supervisors), paid and unpaid breaks, as well as Manager Projections.

  • If the ratio is shown in green, then the ratio is beneath the desired ratio.
  • If the ratio is shown in red, then the ratio is too high.

Here we can see that the Manager Projections, System Forecasts, and Actuals were all within limits:

If enforcement of the ratios is enabled in the "Sales Options," managers and supervisors will be unable to post the schedule unless the ratio is beneath the desired ratio. The Sales Options page is located under the Sales tab.

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