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Create a Document to store and assign HR forms

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TimeForge is capable of keeping track of employee information, including HR documents, such as I-9s, W-4s, training manuals, insurance verification, certifications, and other forms that are applicable to the labor management needs of your business. By creating Documents, you can organize these forms for easy configuration and retrieval.

Documents are further filed under specific categories that are provided by TimeForge. For example, an acceptance letter, job application, and I-9 might be filed under Onboarding Document, while a handbook on customer service policies might be filed under Ongoing Training.

Navigate to the Documents page at the Corporate level

Open the Set Up tab, then select Documents from the sub-menu.

Click on Add Document

At the top of the page, you'll notice a button to Add Document. Click this button to create your own document of a specific type. Any documents you've already created will be listed on this page, either in the grid view (as shown in this example) or list view.

Choose the settings for your new document

Fill out the form to customize your new document. Documents can be of the following types: prehire, onboarding, certification, ongoing training, or offboarding.

Depending on the type you choose, a good Description might be Food Safety Certification, Direct Deposit Form, or Employee Handbook Acknowledgement.

What do the checkboxes mean?

Auto renew certification? (Certification only)

Check this box to automatically renew the certification.

Allow employees to view this Document Information?

Check this box to only allow employees to view the document.

Allow employees to upload documents for this Document Information?

Check this box to allow employees to upload documents (such as a signed form, resume, etc.).

Allow employees to change the documents for this Document Information?

Check this box to allow employees to change the document after they have already uploaded it. Otherwise, employees can only upload the document once (no do-overs).

This Document Information is a job application? (Prehire Documents only)

Check this box to indicate that this document is a job application.

This Document Information is a form?

Check this box to indicate that the HR Type is an Orbeon form. Orbeon forms are online forms that can be filled out, signed, and submitted from the employee's browser.

Click Save to save your new document

You can save from either the Document Type tab or Alerted Managers tab! Either choice will save all the information on both tabs.

When you click Save, you'll notice a few changes immediately on screen: 1) a new Positions tab will appear at the top, between Human Resource Type and Alerted Managers, and 2) new alerts fields will appear at the bottom, just above the save button:

The types of alerts available depend on the type of  document. For Certifications, Ongoing Training, and Prehire documents, for example, you can choose to notify both managers and the employee of an upcoming expiration. That way, there's time to act before the document expires.

(Optional) Choose whether managers should receive alerts

If you want to notify one or more managers, select Yes from the dropdown menu, then hit Save.

(Optional) Choose which managers will receive alerts

If you choose to send alerts, you'll also want to set which managers should receive them.

Switch over to the Alerted Managers tab to choose which managers should receive alerts about this document. When an employee makes a change to the document, e.g. uploads a signed form, TimeForge will notify the selected managers.

Select the Positions tab

Now that you've created a new HR Type, you'll want to put it into action! Click the Positions tab to begin assigning your new document to relevant positions in your company.

Select the applicable positions

Select the positions that should use this  document. You can set additional requirements by individual position or for all positions, including a renewal period, expiration period, and whether the document is required before an employee in that position can be scheduled or clock in.

If you need to provide employees with a document to review or a form to sign, you can upload it here. Each position can have a different version of the form, if desired.

The Required to Clock In option only applies to the website and the TimeForge mobile app, not the biometric TimeClock or fingerprint scanner.

Click Save to save your changes!

Click Save to save your changes across all three tabs.

That's it! The selected positions will now require this type of document. If it's a prehire document, the document will be required as part of the employee's application and can be tracked using Applicant Tracking Steps.

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